3 Alt-Chic Ways to Accessorize your Swimsuit

June 18, 2013

Are you freaking out about your holidays like me? Are you always wondering “what the hell am I going to wear to wander the seas and the sand?”. Well, you should really think on how to accessorize your swimsuit and revamp it! The temptation to give it all up and wearing a rag + your old teenage faded swimsuit to the beach is big, but do you really want to look like that? I mean, it could be ok for that random Sunday you spend at the beach with your best friend, but not for your holidays.
Well, fear no more, here’s my plan to fight plainness and scruffiness and going on being our minimal, gothic or even bizarres things among all of the Jersey Shore replicas out there.

So, take the pledge with me: PLAIN & SCRUFFY NO MORE!

This time I am going to give you tips&tricks on how to accessorize a perfectly plain swimsuit, but if you want to kill it without worrying about accessories, have a look at my previous post where you can find a bunch of awesome swimsuits.

How to accessorize your swimsuit

How to Accessorize your Swim wearIron Fist Lamby Maxi DressHerve Leger Black Bathing SuitBlack Cuff with Silver PlaqueWasteland Platform Black Clear Sandals 

How to Accessorize your SwimsuitMaxi Palm Beach Vila DressBlack Cut Out Minimal Bikini –  Aztec Wedge SandalsDiamond Age Ankle Chain Nasty GalBlack Flapper Hat

How to accesorize your swimwearBlack Kimono Maxi DressPlastic Land Calavera Skull Bathing SuitTriangles Black Statement ChokerYellow Platform Wooden Sandals

Do you agree with taking holidays as an excuse to rock your wardrobe and showing off all of your mix&match skills? Or are you going to spend the days relaxing in sneakers? Leave a comment and let us know!


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Rachel Dahl

It’s interesting that in England, you say “holiday” when you mean vacation. Holiday in the US means literally a day in the calendar where we don’t work! It’s always tricky to try to pack for vacation. I’m going to New York next week, and I’m going to try to figure out packing pretty soon here.

That skull bathing suit and platforms… I want!


Oh wow! It’s like pavement/sidewalk and tube/subway ! Or “cheers”! English is such a tricky language, you use it in too many countries and it ends up being like many different languages! @_@


Set nr 2 is my favourite one! I can definitely see myself wearing that bikini on a beach holiday and that dress seems too perfect for words!
Bowtie Diary

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