Late Holidays in Sithonia

October 5, 2014

Holidays in SithoniaSeptember is probably the best month to take a trip to Sithonia. It’s less crowded, the weather is amazing and the roads are empty. It’s heaven! I only stayed one week but I’ve made the most out of it. I’ll tell you about it in this post.
If you’re planning a vacation in Greece, drop the islands and head to Halkidiki! Plenty of beaches, restaurants, cats and beautiful scenarios.

Main infos to plan a holiday in Halkidiki: Get a flight to Thessaloniki airport – Rent a car to get to the Halkidiki peninsula – You don’t need a GPS, there’s only one main road – The currency is Euro – They drive on the right.

5 Tips for your Holidays in Sithonia

We learnt a thing or two about Greece, or at least about Sithonia during our week there. Please note that some of the points listed below might be ironic. I don’t want anyone to get offended. I actually liked Greek people very much.

1. You’ll have to share your dinner with cats. Yes, every typical tavern has at least 2 or 3 cats who wander through the tables. Although this is not a problem for me (I usually eat with 3 cats meowing at me and eventually jumping on my plate), if you don’t like cats, mind you. Greek people like their stray cats.

2. The only way to get around Halkidiki is to rent a car. You can do this at the Thessaloniki airport. I used Avis and everything went smoothly. Next time I go to Sithonia I’ll rent a jeep though. Many beaches are only reachable through dirt roads, and our car wasn’t very happy about it!
Also, Greek people don’t know what a turn signal is. Just keep right and let them pass, because you’ll probably drive at a slow pace on those crazy roads with no guard rails, while they have quite a high cruising speed.

Holidays in Sithonia

Our super car I(a)MX! We rented a car with AVIS.

Holidays in Sithonia

This is the main road, and the biggest road in Sithonia.

3. If you don’t like garlic you better drop the idea of going to Greek entirely. It’s in every dish, you won’t even notice it after a while. I highly suggest you pack your herbal teas or digestive because you’ll probably need it at some point. Mainly because the food is really good and portions are always huge!

4. Don’t worry about your Instagram updates, in Sithonia there is wi-fi everywhere. Even the smallest bar and the most traditional tavern has an Internet connection.

5. If you see all those colourful boxes on the roadside, please don’t stop to take pictures. Especially if you have an allergy to bee stings. They are honey boxes, and they are full of bees.
Don’t do like I did. After almost a week wondering what the hell these boxes were, I approached one and opened it. Thank fuck it was empty! Now I know what a bee box looks like.

Holidays in Sithonia

I’m probably the last woman on Earth who doesn’t know these are honey boxes.

Things to do in Sithonia

We know that you just want to spend your holidays sunbathing and swimming in crystal clear waters.  Put your bikini aside for a moment, there are many places to see and things to do in the Halkidiki peninsula.

1. Get on a cruise around the Mount Athos. Women aren’t allowed on this finger of Halkidiki peninsula, and men must have a special written permission. Only monks live in Mount Athos. You can only “visit” the monasteries by watching them from a boat.
All in all it was an amazing experience, those monasteries right on the shore line or hanging on the cliff are breathtaking.

Holidays in Sithonia

Mount Athos Russian monastery

Holidays in Sithonia

Another Mount Athos monastery

2. Visit Ormos Panagias. You can visit it when you come back from your cruise around Mount Athos. There are a couple of nice taverns right on the beach, and some nice bars and souvenir shops. It really is a cute fisherman village, a must see.

3. Make a day trip to the Blue Lagoon in Diaporos island. I personally didn’t do this but I wish I had! Diaporos is only half an hour away from Ormos Panagias/Vourvourou and the Blue Lagoon is a natural pool of clear blue water. Tropical.

4. Visit the small city of Metamorfosi. I loved this little town! It’s perfect if you travel with kids and you don’t want to drive around to reach facilities, souvenir shops and nice restaurants. It’s a very lively town and it also has beaches.

5. Have a day trip to Meteore’s monasteries. I didn’t to this either, but Meteore’s monasteries are a must see. Thy built monasteries on top of sky-high rocks by monks. The reason was that monks wanted to be closer to God.

Holidays in Sithonia

I can walk on water. Lagonisi Beach

Holidays in Sithonia

Porto Koufo

Holidays in Sithonia

Karidi Beach in Vourvourou

Are you planning a trip to Greece for next summer? Did you find these infos useful? Stay tuned because a post about the best beaches in Sithonia is coming soon. Woo-hoo!

All photos in this post are by Erika.


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Awesome pics, I went to Vourvourou every year when I was young! Did you also go to kavourotripes? It’s my favourite beach. X


    I did and it was amazing! I have been impressed by the many people actually living there! Too bad it was a rainy day so I couldn’t swim, I’ve just “visited” it! I loved Sithonia <3 Vourvourou was a bit "ghostly" because it was mid September, but I've enjoyed it nonetheless <3

The Dame Intl

I actually thought those boxes were some kind of post box! I would not have known they were bee boxes either and I have actually done bee keeping!

This post has absolutely made me want to travel there, cats, wifi and garlic, ummmm, IM SOLD!

Love the photo of you walking onto the rocks, frame that!



    Bwahahah Lisa, we thought they were some kind of garbage boxes! My theory was that they needed differentiated waste boxes or something, and they had locks on them to prevent cats and foxes to scatter garbage around. Hahaha I am very creative when it comes to nonsense.

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