One Month to Halloween

September 30, 2013

Halloween: my favourite holiday. Did you have any doubt? I don’t really feel festivities, but when it comes to Halloween… well, you got it! For the whole month of October every Monday’s post will be devoted to Halloween, with tips&tricks for your costume, your party, and your general enjoyment of this wonderful day!

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What will be the Halloween 2013 trend?

We all know that every Halloween has a big hit, last year it was Kim Kardashian, a couple of years ago it was Lady Gaga and so on. What will be this year Halloween trends?
First thing to do is to have a look at news in the movies and fashion world. That’s where the trends are set at the end of the day!

Every year has its movies, and this year let me tell you, you have a hell of a lot to get inspiration from! And do I need to remind you that American Horror Story: Coven is just about to start on October 9th? It’s the perfect match if you’re a fan of the 90s witch trend that’s raging this season! And what about a cool old fashioned Dracula? Jonathan Rhys Meyers is about to delight us with his interpretation in the new NBC tv show, airing on October 25th. Just in time I’d say!

Witches, Satan and their whole Crew

Something wicked this way comes! Totally Mary Kate Olsen, the witch-y style is all the rage I love it, of course, and would totally rock it on Halloween night! This is nothing like the usual witch costume: no pointy hat, no green skin, absolutely no unshaped ragged edge tunic. This witch is all about style, believe me!


As you can clearly see, this AHS: Coven perfectly match with the 90s witch trend I’ve already talked about. Plenty of inspiration for your Halloween outfits!

Crazy Circus

I personally LOVE this theme. I’ve always been fascinated by circus and I’ve also always found the whole thing a bit creepy. How many times did I say creepy in this article? Oh well, you should totally watch The Lords of Salem, which has just hit the cinemas. Rob Zombie movies ALWAYS make a fantastic inspiration for costumes, because they’re quite quirky, colourful and creepy as hell. Speaking of which, you should also watch the House of 1000 Corpses, even if it’s old.


Since we’re talking about crazy people, I bet this year Miley Cyrus costumes will be everywhere! You could interpret it like a grown up drug addict Hannah Montana, or wear a nude latex outfit if you dare.

Dolls & Creepy Toys

Oldie but goldie! Every year we can pull a creepy doll outfit off and totally rock it! This year you can get inspired by The Conjuring: that doll is the quintessence of creepy. You can either be the doll yourself, or make one to carry around. Both are creepy. And do you remember Maniac from last year? Mannequins are a kind of doll and what’s best than a bleeding human mannequin for your Halloween party? I’ve got you covered, have a look at this. Easy as 1, 2, 3! If you don’t want to get this creepy and extreme, remember that 2013 has been Monster High year! Dress like Frankie Stein or Draculaura and you will be amazing!

dollsAnother inspiration could be “The wild amazon”: think Daenerys Targaryen or Katniss from the Hunger Games. But we’ll get there later.

I hope I already gave you some ideas to ponder,  we still have one month to Halloween 2013, so plenty of time to prepare! Subscribe to styleBizarre newsletter to be sure not to lose next Monday’s post AND special tips that will be only delivered to subscribers! These were only a few inspiration, we will get to the heart of the matter with diy, tutorials and more ideas in the next weeks!

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