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October 14, 2013

Every Halloween party there are at least 5 witches, 3 zombies and a couple of mummies in the room. It may sound boring, but the secret is always in the details guys… it doesn’t matter if you want to impersonate a witch, it matters HOW you do it. This year you’ve got plenty of inspiration to draw on: you can be a bi… ops sorry, a witch and no one is going to think “oooh look another pointy hat green witch!”


“Wear something black!”

I bet you’ve all watched the season première of American Horror Story: Coven. You still haven’t? I don’t even know who I’m talking to then! Go watch it for Goodness sake! Another good witches show is Witches of East End: it has just started, and it’s promising! I can’t talk about the clothes yet because they have just found out they are witches, and that’s usually when the black comes in. But it could be a good inspiration source, it’s streamed every Sunday, while AHS:Coven is on Wednesday.

How to make your witch skirt in 4 easy steps

  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric approximately 1.10 x 2.50 mt and cut a piece of elastic band the same size of your waist. Measure it with the elastic band on your body so you can feel how tight is comfortable for you.
  2. Gather the fabric and pin it to the whole length of the elastic band. Try to distribute the fabric in a even way!
  3. Sew the elastic band to the fabric, possibly with a sewing machine. That would make your life easier.
  4. Now join the long sides together and you’re done! Sew inside out, and if you’re using a chiffon or a light fabric, be careful and keep it tense while you’re sewing. That will avoid your fabric to curl.


Other costume ideas

Well, we’ve got all the wannabe witches out there covered, now what if you want to be something else? Something that will make people come to you and ask “omg what are you??”. We’ve got you covered as well! Here’s a list of some costume ideas you will need; and don’t forget to check our constantly updated Pinterest Halloween board for more halloweenspiration!

-I forbid you to be Miley Cyrus for Halloween. And/or Robin Thicke. Thank you.

-a Banshee. That’s my idea for Halloween, but you can steal it, it’s not like we’re going to meet at a party! To know what a Banshee is check out how my version looks like!

Stoker. This is such an amazing movie, and you can totally be India.

-Pull something out of your wardrobe for a last-minute, non-expensive Halloween outfit! I’m sure you all own something to put together a Wednesday Addams, a sexy cowboy, a sexy nurse, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse (ok I’m not listing every dead celebrity here, i even find it a tad disrespectful!), a vampire, a zombie, a vampire’s victim and so on! Every-striped-thing is ok. I’m a big fan of shredding and aging clothes: scissors, a grater, tea (it makes the perfect dyeing color to make clothes look old), fake blood, coffee (same as tea).

Get some inspiration from previous years cool Halloween parties recap: here we have Wasteland last Halloween party, and Nasty Gal “Nasty Ghoul” party. Awesome, right?

Halloween shopping for lazy and non-diy girls

It’s not mandatory to do it yourself: there’s plenty of awesome stuff in the shops you usually shop as well! Or I usually shop. Almost all of them have a special Halloween section!

toofast-halloween nastygal-halloween plasticland-halloween halloween-asos

Is that enough for your Halloweenspiration? If it’s not, have a look at the previous posts: One Month to HalloweenGet this Party Started. And also some from last year on How to be a Doll for Halloween! Get your butts over to Pinterest and Facebook as well, and subscribe to the mailing list to receive more diy tutorials and ideas!


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I love the skirt tutorial! It’s perfect for all year-round.
The final outfit of Stoker’s India it’s totally clever for a costume!
These Halloween posts are making my October a happier one. ♥


    I LOVED that movie! And she’s such an amazing character! I loved the way they used all the clothes in a symbolic way! The blouse, the belt, the shoes… costume designers were so clever! (I checked, it’s two of them working together!) Loved it loved it loved it!


That’s an inventive answer to an inretesting question

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