How to Be Punk in Your Thirties

March 11, 2013

Photo by is for you, 20-something alternative ladies that are living the “how to dress like a grown-up” crisis! Have you always been a dyed hair/studded clothes/ripped tights kind of girl? Have you got piercing and tattoos you do not wish to hide? Then you’re in the right place. How to bring these stuff in your adult life? How to create a grown-up alternative style?

We should take one thing into consideration before we start.

  • You are not too old to follow your passions, and no one is allowed to judge you for the way you feel and the way you look.

It’s obvious that we do change at some point in our lives: we can’t pretend that everything is the same and just keep wearing a leopard hot pink mini-skirt with ripped tights and walk in the bank to ask for a mortgage. Well, in a beautiful utopian world that would be possible, but unfortunately it is not. Moreover, there must be something that makes us feel like we are growing into an adult life and not staying the same, trapped in our teenage mind and way of thinking.

  • Change is not necessarily bad: we can change into something we like more, without betraying our style and ideals.

Have a look to some items you can bring with you in  your “grown-up but true to yourself” new life without feeling ridiculous!

 Skulls Mania

Do you love skulls, always have, always will? Find some “serious” way to incorporate skulls in your look! You can barely see the skulls in this bag, and a dress pin is a fine detail to add to any garment. The printed t-shirt can be worn under a plain smart blazer!

Skull embossed bag $ 61 – Skull dress pins set $ 21 –  Skull print t-shirt for the edgy ones $ 48

Cosmo Madness

Do you love the new galaxy mania and dream about flying in space and living on the Moon even if you’re 35? Try to dream with these earrings: they are very discreet, but you can lose hours just looking in them!

Galaxy Retro Earrings $ 9.90 – Discrete Black and White Cosmo Leggings $ 16.99 – Elegant Cosmo Kimono Shirt $59.34

Gothic Cross

Nice and smart Cross Silver Necklace $145- Cross Pattern Scarf $ 18 – Cross Statement Ring $ 9.90


Studs shouldn’t be a problem, ever again. Office or goth club, 16 or 45 years old, they are nowadays accepted everywhere and for everyone! Well, maybe try to avoid to wear 5 cm long spikes to go to the court!


Studded Leather Yellow+Black Stiff Bag $ 106.30 – Spike Studs Earrings $ 9.90 Nude Tote Bag with Golden Studs $ 44.60



Boring Shoes but With an Edge $ 200 – Regular Oxford Shoes Perfect for any Outfit by The ladies Clarks Shoes collection at ShoesByMail $ 84 – Ankle Metal Tip Boots $ 258

What about you? How do you incorporate the alternative style in your adult everyday life?


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Ah, the topic a lot of us struggle with. I died my hair blue just last year. Although it made me feel great, there were also some adults who just gave me the cold shoulder. They rolled their eyes at me, pulled their children away from me (I guess they thought I’d be a bad influence), and made references to oddballs. The number of people who did that didn’t surpass the number of people (mostly younger) who were very into my hair, though. That gave me faith that humanity is still accepting, open-minded, and not all that rude after all…

I have definitely been a victim of people’s opinions of me. Even after I had dyed my hair black, I still get comments from people who remember my blue hair and tell me in my face, that they like the black SO much better. What is wrong with these people? I know they are trying to give me a compliment, but there is absolutely no need to say that as if I made a mistake.

To top that all off, I am also surrounded by people (whom I love of course) who do not care about style. I have just one friend I personally hang out with who is into alternative fashion, and we can talk endlessly about how certain horror flicks have awesome clothes in it.

Sadly, most people just don’t get it and will not get it. Sigh. 🙁


I struggle with the older alternachick style constantly. In my head I’m still a studded, doc martened, punk band tee’d, blonde mohawked girl. I’m desperate for a pair of creepers. I miss my blue hair and can’t wait until there is a day when I can dye it back, even just for a little while. But I’m actually 33, not a carefree kid. With a non-accepting career. For a long time I tried to look too “normal” and it felt all wrong. I was uncomfortable in my clothing. So now I try to incorporate the edgy stuff in a mature way. Sometimes I’m thrilled with the result and feel amazing, and sometimes, a lot of the time, I totally miss the mark and look like a train wreck (today’s look was particularly bad).
I’m glad I came across this entry. I’d love to see more like this with some full outfits geared towards 30somethings, appropriately priced (I may have a career but I still can’t spend $200 on a pair of shoes). But regardless, keep up the good work! Enjoying your blog. 🙂


    Hi Liz! Thank you so much for stopping by! I definitely have to talk about this topic again! I guess I don’t want to face the fact that I’m about to turn 30 in a couple of years, and that brings a lot of fears, nervous breakdowns, tears, solitude and so on to the table XD Even if I give good tips in my posts, that doesn’t mean I always follow them. Haaa I should really starts practising what I preach!


      Elise, don’t worry! Being in your thirties isn’t as bad as the number indicates. There’s a lot less uncertainty and a little more money. I feel like my thirties are better than my twenties simply because I’m more comfortable in who I am. And having a slightly more secure financial situation is nice, too. This is the time when you actually get to enjoy who you are without the craziness of trying to find out who that is. The only bad part (aside from slight health issues) is the whole having to look “grown up” thing when that’s not who you may be. Once I got over the initial shock of leaving my twenties it was a lot more fun. Just relax about the number an enjoy the ride.


        Liz thank you for your kind and wise words! That’s what I keep telling myself, and now I’ve also started telling it to other people just to try and convince myself. I preach freedom of being who you are no matter your age, but sometimes I overthink everything and I make a fuss out of stupid things I shouldn’t even think about. It’s just so easy to fall into the negativity pit, sometimes you don’t even realize what your mind is doing. So yes, let’s toast to the 30s and let’s treat our body weall and be healthy so we can keep being our best selves for lots of years to come!


Wow. It is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS yer not a punk. LOL


    Be the best punk you can be by not giving a fuck about what people say about punk on the internet! ;D

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