Gothic Styles for Winter 2012

September 18, 2012

The last quarter of the year and alternative fashion seem to go hand in hand. There is something about the cold weather, early dusks and leafless trees that provides the perfect backdrop for the enigmatic allure of gothic fashion. High street stores and online fashion brands are well aware of this, of course, and it makes the autumn and winter months a bumper time for buying clothes; particularly for those of us with a penchant for darker dresses.

An example of some winter 2012 gothic dresses, tops and skirts from ASOS

Though gothic fashion will always take inspiration from gothic history and the post-punk era the most recent rise in popularity for gothic styles can probably be attributed to the continued success of vampire romance stories such as the Twilight saga. Because of this I would expect to see an abundance of lace and velvet in 2012 in colours that will compliment Kristen Stewart-esque misty eye make-up and nude lipstick. That said, there is still room for the gothic staples that have made the look so instantly recognisable (e.g. Studs, crosses and leather).

Accessories from ASOS’s Winter 2012 gothic collection
The gothic look is a classic style that makes a bold statement but it also has great scope. You really can be as demure or as debauched with gothic designs as you like; all the while retaining a distinctive and striking look.


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I like “darker dresses” quite a bit, though I usually am more of a floral girl with darker accessories. i’m esp. fond of the handbag and gloves pictured

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I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful

Nataya A

Beautiful, dark, magical and elegance. I am not a big fan of too much lace, though, but I love this as inspiration, and the black dress is beautiful! New bloglovin follower!


Haha now “darker accessories” are the way to go! Everything got studs, crosses, lace, spikes, skulls and whatnot on it! So there’s always a way to go gothier and darker! I once only dressed black and blabla, but now I appreciate the contrast as well: like a floral dress with some studded choker or a white t-shirt and cross pendant! Lovely!

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