Get the Glamour-Goth Look in 10 Easy Steps

November 3, 2010
You should know I have a thing for the obscure side of fashion by now. I love total black, it just adds something to your figure. Fashion designers and stylists know this very well, since there has always been a large fringe of gothic-ish designers and collections out there.
I’m going to give you the first 10 suggestions to change the main colour of your wardrobe to black with a little expense!
This guide is not meant to be completely serious, and it has nothing to do with the dark wave subculture; so please don’t take it personally!

  1. The first thing you probably have to change is your hair: do you have blonde highlights or streaks in your hair? Do you have a curly haircut?
    Dye it black, dark brown, red,
    or extremely light blonde. Straighten your hair, cut your bangs. These are all things you can easily do by yourself, I do my hair myself; buy the hair dye in your nearest supermarket!
  2. Go and take a look around your nearest H&M;, Pimkie, Tally Wejil, Zara, Pull and Bear: they’re full of those total black collections, full of metal zips, studs, skulls, black lace and whatsoever! Indulge in them whatever time it takes, and buy first only the basic things (a couple of black t-shirts, a pair of black skinny trousers,  a black bra, a studded bag, a pair of boots)
  3. Be careful to different blacks! It’s not true that when you own all things black it’s easy to match them: black colours are all different, and all materials and fabrics have a different light, so you have to be very careful when you stare at yourself in the mirror! Match things like black lace with black fake leather, or cotton with cotton, or wool with fake leather! These looks good, don’t do things like satin&leather; it would look awful!
  4. CLEAR OUT your shoe racket of sneakers, gym shoes and whatsoever: if you need to be comfortable, wear booties! Nice combat boots (there are a lot of feminine ones out there if you’re worrying about your sex appeal) or black simple low heel boots will be ok!
  5. Make-up. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going out to buy milk, you won’t be credible as a dark lady if you do not wear some light powder that makes your skin like porcelain or a line of black eyeliner!
  6. Nailvarnish: same as make-up. Always always always wear it! Black is the best, but strong colours like red, magenta, purple, dark green are great as well.
  7. Wear lace, buy lace, go and look for lace things in your grandma’s closet, in your nearest flea market, in thrift stores, buy some lace gloves in the toy shop (they have great ones!), h&m; is full of lace leggings, lace tops, lace dresses. Go for lace. Also ivory lace is a very good choice, it makes a nice ghostly damned look that will be perfect for our look.
  8. Crosses: you won’t go wrong with them! I think you can find very good ones in vintage stores or flea markets, or even in religious shops.

    Hipsters are taking the cross pledge too lately, so you can find them almost everywhere, they’re à-la-page 😉 Cross patterns are ok as well.

  9. Foulards and scarves: they give that plus to your outfit, especially if they’re embroidered, with that victorian look, or just total black, or lace ones. If you cover your chin with a black foulard you will add mischeviousness to your figure!
  10. Be very careful to the wrong look you don’t want to gain. You don’t want to look like a rebel 16 years old who listens to Evanescence or Marilyn Manson. Don’t go too far with ruffled skirts or lace shirts, don’t wear rough combat boots, don’t wear purple satin, and don’t wear corsets. They’re only ok for evenings out, and not all of them!


How do you like the darkness that fashion is going towards in the last years? Have you embraced the dark side yet?


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haha! I love this post… Makes me think about my teenage, I do listened to marylin manson and wear corset and crinolines haha oh my! Now I know it's wrong but I'm stay a black clothes chic! And hair color its so true! I going to do myself a bang again!


Ma cosa leggo! Ok che siamo piccoline, ma traviare così altre giuovani fanciulline dicendo loro di buttare dalla finestra tutte le sneakers solo perché non fanno dark… è quanto di più categoricamente adolescenziale vi sia…
Perché mai una ragazza dovrebbe evitare di fare sport: solo perché le sneakers non sono dark? Cos'è il dark nel 2010? Non esiste più, il vero dark c'era quando non si era neanche consapevoli che ci fossero dei clichés, dei canoni, quando non era una moda: esattamente qual tu la descrivi. Il dark era un mood mentale, creativo, di certo non uno stile di abbigliamento fine a se stesso; né varrebbe se si dicesse che il 'tristume' sia un mood dark. Anche i dark sono felici, amano il sole come non lo amano, vogliono avere figli oppure no, non ci sono regole precise per cui non si può fornire un dettame da seguire per diventare dark. Nessuno è più dark. Chiamatevi: "darkettine, metallarine, gothic lolitas" semmai, che è come vi chiamano quelli che dark sono sempre stati.
E non traviate le giovani ragazze con queste minchiate! La salute è un patrimonio che ogni persona intelligentemente deve tenere al di là della moda! Le mode passano, il corpo rimane vostro per sempre: poi quanto sarete dark in un letto d'ospedale, col camice verde o bianco post operazione da obesi?
Ragionate! Stolte generazioni moderne


Ma che c'entra la salute? Dove ho detto che uno deve essere malato? E poi ho detto dark lady, ho per caso fatto riferimento a una qualche cultura musicale?
Se segui le sfilate o guardi le vetrine allora sai benissimo anche tu che il "dark" detto così per riassumere la grande varietà di offerta, è un trend che va avanti da più di un annetto, e ringraziamo dio perché anche da h&m; si trovano tantissime cose carine da indossare senza dover spendere un patrimonio.
E poi questa simpatica lista è fatta un po' per ridere, credi veramente che qualcuno segua alla lettera? Sono consigli così dati in simpatia! Più o meno segue quello che vesto io!
Inoltre ho detto buttate le sneakers, mica non andate in palestra. L'ho detto?
E con sneakers intendo ad esempio le svariate nike e compagnia bella. O le all star che ci hanno anche un po' rotto i coglioni. Anche se ne posseggo un paio simili come modello ma non della Converse 😉

Vinda Sonata

this is an interesting article. thanks for sharing. great tips, i love them all, although i still think to be the most credible one one needs to embrace her own essence and her inner dark lady. if her natural trait's not that, she will never be able to be a credible dark lady. one's darkness is a matter of attitude, i guess:)
and taylor momsen's not one of them. i think karmen pedaru or freja beha makes a better example:)


Hi Vinda! Of course this post is not serious and definitely not about gothic culture! I could have written about anything, really, I'm only giving advices about the stylings I do and know better! In this case I talked about "dark" side of current trends, nothing more! And of course miss momsen is not an example of gothic lady, I also wrote a post about that, but she is sure the example of what the "dark hipster leather punk" trend is in fashion these days 😀 Anyway, thank you for appreciating!


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