FETCH Eyewear – Give Back to Animals with Style

If you could choose, would you buy clothes and accessories from companies that give back to the animals?
The good news is that you can choose, because there are many companies with this mission. They’re more than you think.

Today I want to introduce you to FETCH Eyewear, a company that chose to donate 100% of its profits to Pixie Project in support of animal rescue and adoption. This non-profit was founded in Portland by Ann Sacks in 2007, and since then it helped more than 1.500 pets to find a loving and forever home. The Pixie Project helps stray animals in everything: they provide free spay and neuter services, they rescue animals from the streets, they help with relocating cats and dogs from overcrowded shelters and of course they help with finding the best match between adopters and pets. They even have their own in-house veterinary clinic.

FETCH Eyewear creates top notch designer frames at an affordable price. Look good, feel good, do good.

Why FETCH Eyewear?

The eyewear company was founded to provide funding on an on-going basis for the Pixie Project. There are a lot of donors of course, but this company provides a sustainable funding source and plays a big role in helping the Pixie Project to grow.

FETCH Eyewear is also an important case history in ethical fashion. Unfortunately, we still think that companies that do good have low quality or ugly products. This isn’t true at all. Ann Sacks studied and unraveled the optical industry and found out that the high prices charged for designer eyewear have nothing to do with quality. There are other factors that make the price go up, like designer licensing fees. It’s not about materials or design. She decided to create her own small company that created well-designed and well-crafted frames at a reasonable price point. And boy, did she make it.

FETCH Eyewear creates top notch designer frames at an affordable price. Look good, feel good, do good.

FETCH Eyewear glasses aren’t any less good than pricey designer glasses. In fact, they’re just as cool. And I’m not singing their praises by hearsay: I actually have a pair of Harris Sun, which I love. The shipping was super fast and they are super good quality. The lens are very dark, UVA/UVB and anti-reflective: a must for the hot Italian summer that I’m about to face!

Have I convinced you yet? Will you give back to the animals next time you make a purchase?
Here’s a list of cruelty-free and ethical companies which donate to different causes. Your shopping is sorted, you can’t say you didn’t know any good brand to buy from next time you need something (or feel like splurging)!

  • Threads for Thought – They work with two charities since they started: the International Rescue Committee and the Natural Resources Defense Council.
  • Mitscoots – For every pair of socks you purchase, they give one to someone in need.
  • Warby Parker – Same concept as Mitscoots. Every purchase, they give a pair of glasses to someone who needs them.
  • Panda – They make glasses frame out of bamboo. Each pair they sell, they provide for medical treatment and prescription glasses for someone in need.
  • Roma Boots – Again, when you buy a pair of shoes, they donate one to a child who needs it.

FETCH Eyewear creates top notch designer frames at an affordable price. Look good, feel good, do good.

  • WeWood – This one is slightly different: from each watch they sell, they plant a tree. So cute!
  • Sevenly – This online shop gives $7 for every sale to a different charity each week. There’s plenty to choose from in their shop!
  • Satya Jewelry – They have a foundation linked to the jewelry company, the Satya Foundation. They give back to a number of different children charities.
  • Arm the Animals – Giving back is the core value of this apparel brand. Check out their about page to see all the organizations they fund.
  • The Tree Kisser – 10% of sales are donated to the Love Infinitely Project Animal Fund.
  • Krochet Kids / SudaraMata Traders / Same Sky – These three companies are a bit different from the previous ones but I wanted to mention them none the less. They all aim to make an impact on poverty stricken countries like India, Uganda, Rwanda and Peru. Sudara in particular, creates a path for women to escape sexual slavery in India.

All the photos in this post are by me. If you want to see the Harris Sun in action, keep an eye on my Instagram account!

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about companies that give back. Please share this post with someone you know would be interested! 


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Heather @ thesugarribbon.com/blog

Love the list of all the cruelty-free and ethical companies. Congratulations on being picked for links a la mode!


Thanks for sharing these ethical companies most of which I have never come across! We definitely could do more in supporting their cause and also appreciating their products!


    You’re welcome Everest! I think that shopping from these companies would do the world much more good rather than shopping from multinational companies that dress up as ethical companies but they’re not. I surely appreciate say, H&M efforts in this direction, but they still are far from being a sustainable company. Let alone Zara which sometimes seems to jump on the ethical bandwagon just because it’s trendy and they hope to attract that kind of customers. But no, I believe that a company has to start as sustainable and ethical. It’s so hard becoming one when you already have done so much damage!

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