How to stay true to yourself

June 19, 2014

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Am I being true to myself when I follow trends?” This is a big question, and the answer could be short: there’s nothing wrong with following trends, as long as it reflects your own personality and sense of style. It’s also perfectly normal to “like” things after we see them over and over again. It’s ok, it’s in our nature. Until we start following each trend that’s thrown at our face. To err it’s human, to persevere it’s diabolical.

I know that this is only true for people who look at fashion as a “conceptual” thing and want to actually express something through their looks. This whole thing doesn’t apply to people who  just wear clothes because they have to, and don’t care about following or not following trends. They probably have other stuff to worry about. And that’s actually a good thing: we’d be all cool hunters and trend setters otherwise. Mass fashion customers are probably too busy saving lives or teaching history to worry about fashion as a form of self-expression.

Mass fashion has its own dignity of course, we’re not judging here. I just have a pet peeve: people who follow every trend and claim to be in fashion, fashionistas, fashionable, work in fashion and who think they understand fashion better than other people. Having enough money to splurge on every trend doesn’t mean being a stylist or a fashion expert.

How to stay true to yourself

  • Be true to yourself: this is the most important thing. Try to avoid telling something is beautiful only because of all your friends are drooling on it, or every fashion blogger is wearing it.
  • On the other hand, it’s ok to fall in love with those fringed kimonos you see on Lookbook all the time. Don’t make the opposite mistake. Don’t be a “contrary Mary”!
  • Look back: browse old photos, poke around your closet, ask your best friends. But first and foremost ask yourself: “Would I have worn this a couple of years ago? Why or why not?”
  • “Why does my outfit look so poor without a turban?” It probably doesn’t and you probably would had laughed at someone wearing it until a couple of years ago. It’s just another embellishment for our heads, maybe we like it because it’s warm, it looks a bit like a bow, we see it in every fashion editorial… but let’s face the truth, it’s not so gracious, it looks like you just came out of the shower. Why not keep wearing what we used to wear before, headbands, bows, freakin cat ears… we can change and evolve without falling for every trend.
  • Let’s make what we get inspired from “a thing of our own”: don’t wear exactly the same t-shirt as your style icon. Even if we are getting inspired by someone (which is perfectly fine), let’s do it the right way. Let’s look for things that suit us more. Who knows that sequins turquoise clutch that Katy Perry is wearing would look better in black on us.

Do you follow trend or make your own? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

photo credit: Scott Smith (SRisonS) – Mlle Tortue

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I once got a huge amount of pencil skirts (second hand but no sign of use). I wore them over trousers in high school (it was trendy for "rock-listening" girls and I was too shy to wear them like that). I started to really love them last year since my style became more feminine. and this winter I've accidentally read that pencil skirt are back. 🙂 I usually don't give a crap about trends but I was happy anyway. 😀


Aahahah of course! That was my feeling when studs came in fashion! Finding them in every f$£%"%ing corner is pretty useful, though a bit annoying, but hey who cares, trend will eventually pass out, my style will remain the same!
Same for you, pencil skirts are part of your fashion evolution, so you must be happy to be a bit more "trendy" and to find them everywhere XD

Laura Connell

Very good advice to use trends for inspiration but not follow them to the letter. It's nice to keep a wardrobe that is true to yourself rather than falling victim to every trend (which like you say is mainly to make money for the big brands) while giving a nod to trends in one item here or there. That way you don't go into debt for the sake of fashion–not worth it.


I'm not very much into following trends, if I do is just because the trendy item goes well with my aesthetic ideal
but sometimes trends are really good….for example last year studs became suddenly very popular and that was amazing because finally I could found awesome studded pieces everywhere 🙂
i am on the "stay true to yourself" side of trends

The Fashionable Traveler

I love your post. My philosophy is that most people want to look more stylish than they do, but given the overwhelming amount of choices and lack of depth in an idea (ever notice that it's often too much of the same that doesn't necessarily flatter everyone?) people revert to bland. I'm so happy to see so many top designers influencing the market at every price point. You are right, knowing what works for you is the key!


Yes, the real issue is to be sure of what you like, of your figure, and of what you want! That's the only way to coming out from all this alive XD


I love your lists of what you love to wear and what you can't stand. I love the look of maxi skirts, but they look so weird on me so I've never bought one. Definitely agree that you have to wear what you feel comfortable with.


Loved this post it is important to be true to yourself when it comes to style.


Ho veramente adorato questo post.
Ne facessero di più, così.
Brava bravissima 🙂


If I like it I'll definitely rock a trend, but if I don't I won't just because it's "in!" Congrats on links a la mode btw!


I felt like that when I start seeing people around with my glsses, I have them for aalmost 4 years now and it was such a problem to buy sunny ray bans and send them to take of the shades and put the ones I needed into, for a year unknown people look at me like wtf your glasses are so big, how do you get that?, then suddenly the fake ones ''posser, I don't even need real glasses'' appear and goes popular and I felt stooled on my weirdness (what I can say I love being a weirdo haha) then they ctually sold them at the half of stores for 5$ and rayban put out those frames on store -.- …holly crap! I can't get over it! I still loving my 60's president glasses but hell it mades me sick when people ask me if they are for real! I readed bout your new continuity to your blog! Super good thing…good luck on it! I really like all of your sections tho!


Hhahaha whooops so you are a proud supporter of those Rayban I'd never wear? XD
My post wasn't meant to despise trends, but yes I can understand your disappointment! And thank you, I hope you will like also my new direction here! 😀

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