Fake Leather Got You Covered!

I love the leather look so much. It’s edgy, rock, punk, aggressive. It can be sweet, charming, all at the same time. It looks good almost on every body shape, and it adds something to your look, whenever or whatever you use it! Leather looking accessories are amazing: bags, belts, shoes, collars, earrings, bracelets. You can use leather literally for everything, and it will do great in every way you use it.

BUT: I just want a cruelty-free wardrobe, so what do I do? Fake leather got you covered! Luckily we are evolved, and the evolution implies that we can have leather looking clothes without killing animals (but with all the pollution issues included, I know. But what do we do that does not involve pollution?)

Almost all of the alternative well-known brands use mostly fake leather for their accessories: think Iron Fist and Demonia for a start. I would also suggest Plastic Land: the name says it all, and it carries some super unique stuff believe me!
If you’re looking for something handmade or really one of a kind, just look for “leatherette” on Etsy and a whole new world will unravel to you!

falabella-mccartney skull-embossed-purse iron-fist-black-sheep
 Falabella by Stella McCartney  Purse on Plastic Land  Iron Fist Boots

Besides, leather smell is something that I really cannot stand, and everytime I touch it I got chills. Not pleasure chills, something like horror chills. So long live the leatherette (and my plastic, rubber and polyester fetish haha) !

And for the leather fans that will say: “but leather lasts longer” I’m going to answer “And it costs  A LOT”, so you get what you pay for and paying so little for a nice looking bag will soothe the pain of having it ruined in 4-5 months. And I’m glad to pay this “price” for  cruelty-free accessories. And besides, try Matt&Natt leatherette: I bet this is not going to scratch really soon, don’t you? It all depends from the quality, and same goes for real leather.

What do you think about it? Are you on the real leather or fake leather side?

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Noel Maurice

This is a nice article. Yeah, I got the point. We all have different tastes. Well, for people who are looking for reasonable prices, this really suits.


I am on the real leather side as long as it’s a secondary product (meat industry), and I would never wear fur. However, I admire those who strive to be even more cruelty-free.

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