How to Give Back While You Work Out: Ethical Workout Clothes

January 10, 2017

Is there any area of your life that can’t be “ethicalized”? No, there’s not. I’ll tell you from my experience: you can find ethical goods everywhere if you look well enough (clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, you name it).

You can even give back while you work out. In fact, why let workout be good for your health only? What if it could be good for the rest of the world too?

Ethical Activewear: It’s a Thing

Let’s be honest here, sportswear can be pretty boring if you go plain gray leggings and a sports bra. It can also be very little ethical if you go Target or Walmart, right? Thankfully there are awesome alternatives that will probably save a second trip to the shop when your leggings rip out (hello, poor quality clothes don’t last long!). They’ll also save what’s left of our planet too.

And you know what the best part is? You can have quality and ethics without spending a boatload of money on something you’ll (literally) sweat your a$$ into. No compromises, not on quality and not on style.

Today I’m gonna tell you about With – Wear It To Heart. My heart goes all fuzzy just from reading the name out loud. I’m totally wearing things to heart because I care about those very same ethics.

I want my clothes to be good. I want my clothes to look good. I want my clothes to feel good. And when I find a brand that embraces all that, well that’s heaven amirite?

This is the Blizzard print – who said you couldn’t be grungy as hell at the gym?

Ethical Activewear: How to Give Back while you Work Out  Ethical Activewear: How to Give Back while you Work Out  Ethical Activewear: How to Give Back while you Work Out

Blizzard PulloverBlizzard High Waisted LeggingsBlizzard Strappy Bra

Workout Clothes for Women

Wear It to Heart is an LA-based company that produces in small scale using a secret formula material. They have a range of awe-inspiring high waisted leggings, printed leggings, workout tank tops and generally workout clothes for women that will make you say hi to your hot neighbor with pride (instead of jumping into the first shop to avoid meeting him in your hideous workout clothes).

Oh, and when your hot neighbor asks you about the gorgeous pullover you’re wearing, tell him you’re sorry. WITH only sells ethical activewear for women!

Does Wear It To Heart check all the boxes?

  • Sustainable – WITH sportswear is made from Salutex, an eco-friendly four ways power stretch performance fabric that will blow your mind. And it’s good to the environment too (which, by the way, is the place you live in. It’s good to remember that we’re not doing it for the Earth, we’re doing it for our own survival and the next generations!). Designs are digitally printed directly on clothes and not on fabric: this allows WITH to save as much as 85% water and energy besides saving a ton of scrap fabric. Inks are water based too (remember eco-friendly inks? We talked about another brand that uses them here.)
  • Cruelty-free – WITH doesn’t use any animal derived material in any process. Their clothes are all made of Salutex and there’s no trace of leather, wool, silk or fur in their line (ok, who the hell would wear fur to work out anyway?)
  • Ethical – WITH clothes are designed in LA and produced in a sustainable and sweatshop-free factory in El Salvador. We like brands that treat their workers like we would like our employers to treat us, right?

You know what the latest trend is? Wearing workout clothes outside the gym. And no, I don’t mean wearing them to the yoga studio: I mean mixing them up with “normal” clothes. A few ideas:

Ethical Activewear: How to Give Back while you Work Out

Ethical Activewear: How to Give Back while you Work Out Ethical Activewear: How to Give Back while you Work Out

The world is definitely becoming a better place to live. This is all thanks to brands like WITH and people like you (and me, let me brag a little bit). We decided to put our ethics where it matters most today: where we spend money.

So what will you wear the next time you head to the gym?

Aaaaand it’s a pinnable! Mouse over the image below and click on the red button to pin it.

Ethical Activewear: How to Give Back while you Work Out


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