Diy Faux Leather Double Face Scarf

January 18, 2013

You know those Christmas presents that you know you are not going to use (recycling presents anyone?)? There you go, this scarf was one of these presents. A nice, warm and soft fleece scarf, but just too “sweet” for me to wear. So I decided to spice it up!

The picture you see on your left is how the M&S scarf looked like before my restyle!

You can do this with any scarf you own, even an old scarf that you don’t like anymore: a scarf is basically a rectangle, it’s the easiest thing on Earth to revamp, double or add accessories to! Check out this scarf in my snowy outfit!

Things you’ll need

  • A scarf (you don’t say!)
  • A fabric that you like
  • A pair of scissors
  • Measure tape
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • A sewing machine (yes, unless you want to sew 1.50cmx2 by hand!)

Revamping your scarf in 6 easy steps

  • 1. Fold your scarf in two and measure length and width. Write the measures down!

  • 2.Take your fabric and cut a rectangle double the length measure and same as the width! Allow 20 cm more on the length if you want to make fringes with your fabric.  Cut your rectangle.
  • 3. Lay everything on a large table or on the floor and pin the scarf and your rectangle together, right sides facing each other.
  • 4. Sew both sides with the sewing machine (easy-peasy, they’re just two long straight seams!) Be careful not to sew the width (shorter sides) cause you’ll need them open!
  • 5. Turn your almost-done-new-scarf inside out (stick an arm into it and pull one hem towards you).

  • 6. Now it’s time to close the short hems and add whatever you like to your new scarf! (just fold your fabric inwards and shove it in the sewing machine). I added some hanging spike studs, and cut the fringes of the scarf a bit so they are the same length.

Did you like this week DIY project? Have you made one yourself? Please show it in the comment, I’d love to see your diy!



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Jenny Rice

Very creative. Love the pattern you used for your scarf. I will have to try and make one for my next DIY project! 😀


Thank you Jenny! 😀

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