Introducing Revolutionary Vegan Shoes: Charlie Butler

November 23, 2016

Like all great ideas, Charlie Butler, a vegan shoe company, was born out of necessity: founder Faran Saberi was desperately looking for a pair of quality non-leather formal shoes.

Of course, he couldn’t find any that matched the quality of leather shoes. He was already vegan at that point and wasn’t willing to question his choice for a pair of shoes. Sounds familiar, right?

His feet suffered, he got blisters by wearing uncomfortable cheap plastic shoes. Why did non-leather always mean poor quality? Why did it always have to mean cheap?

The next thing we know is that Faran was at a product expo in Jakarta asking every shoe producer to join his venture. A lot of “are you crazy?” and “nope” flew in his face that day, but eventually one manufacturer believed in Faran’s ideas. Charlie Butler was born.

When I saw the shoes for the first time I couldn’t believe it. Super soft material, sleek shape, bold look. Whew, just how I like them! Charlie Butler is the turning point in the vegan shoe industry. Never have you seen something like it. How do I know?


Good-looking, handmade and cruelty-free shoes

Looking smart and being vegan don’t always go hand in hand. Let alone keeping your bold look and experimenting with different styles. I am absolutely passionate in finding new brands that check all the boxes: ethical production, sustainable materials, cruelty-free philosophy and bold look.

What’s the best way to go about these four principles? A pair of shoes that is super soft and comfortable, made to fit (yes, like they take your actual freakin’ measurements), made to last and with a timeless look is a good starting point. I have worked in costume design and styling for years and in the industry, we all know that shoes can make or break your outfit. You should always start from your shoes and then build your wardrobe from there. You must be thinking “oh my God, how much would a pair of shoes like that cost”?

And that’s where I give you the good news. Charlie Butler has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its next batch… and a pair of Charlie Butler (any pair) is just $135. The minimum price is usually 220 AUD so this is an amazing occasion to get them at a discounted price. Needless to say, I’m getting another pair asap!

I’m particularly stoked about these things:

  • Charlie Butler shoes are waterproof – It gets pretty wet where I live, especially during March
  • Dirt and stain resistant – Yes, I can finally go to the animal sanctuary, walk in mud and look good at the same time.
  • Bacteria and fungus resistant – Omg, wearing shoes with no socks and no smell? Take my money!
  • Durability – I long to have shoes that last like the leather boots I got in high school and still look new. I want that without that cruelty.
  • Custom sizing – Are you for real? Nothing like having your custom-sized shoes to feel like a million bucks.
  • Spine comfort – I long for a pair of shoes I can stand hours in and having no back pain in the evening. Charlie Butler sole design was supervised by a chiropractic. Find more benefits on this page.


Wearing Charlie Butler is a declaration: I am wearing these shoes because I care.
I care about people working conditions.
I care about animals being treated fairly.
I care about the planet I’m living on.
But most of all, I don’t compromise when it comes to my style because I can choose to be good, look good, and feel good.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


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Introducing revolutionary vegan shoes: everyone loves Charlie Butler


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