5 Rituals to Defeat Negativity

December 14, 2015

Rituals aren’t just for witches: they work just like mantras but give you a material object to focus your intentions on. They’re a wonderful way to take all those nasty emotions you’re bundling up and to set them free into the world. There they aren’t going to continue to creep up on you when you least expect it.

Releasing negativity is even more important as we’re coming up on holiday season. Maybe you’re going to be working overtime, perhaps you’ll be spending it with some not-so-nice relatives, or you’re worried you’ll be suffering some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) this holiday season.

Don’t start worry yet! We have your back. Here are five rituals that you can take into practice that might help you release all of that pent up negativity.

1. Keep a Negativity Jar

This sounds a bit strange. Why would you want to keep a jar of bundled up negativity?

Just hear me out!

First take a glass jar and fill it with a little layer of lavender or loose incense.

Then whenever you have bad thoughts, like things that keep hovering at the forefront of your mind write them down on a piece of paper. Take a match and light the corners and drop it into the jar. Follow it up with some fresh incense.

Now take a deep breath and as you’re breathing in the scent from this jar, remind yourself that this is not the end of the world. This is a single moment of negativity and you’re letting it go. You’ve given it to this piece of paper and now this piece of paper is transforming it into a beautiful scent.

Keep breathing.

When your jar is full of ashes take it to a place that is special or quiet and let them go!

2. Keep a positivity jar

This is much more popular than a negativity jar (perhaps the whole fire thing turns people off). Keep a jar that whenever something positive happens, or perhaps once a day, you write it down and place it within the jar. Then whenever you’re feeling terrible, just pick one or two out to remind yourself of the happy moments you’ve had.

3. Keep a travel journal

If you’re feeling negative and can spare the time, it’s so beneficial to go visit somewhere new! It doesn’t have to be a different country, it could be a local beach you’ve never visited before or even just for a short walk. Then when you’re done, write down all of the beauty you saw while you were there!

Going somewhere new is perfect for gaining a new perspective and refreshing your thoughts! Writing those thoughts down will get you in the habit of looking for the positive and beautiful when you’re going out of your comfort zone, as you do when travelling.

It was like when I started collecting flowers to dry. I would go on walks to pick wild flowers. Soon enough, each time I’m driving through town or visiting somewhere new I immediately spot all of the fresh beautiful flowers because my mind is attuned to spotting them.

The same goes for negativity. Oftentimes finding the positive in situations is habit. Better yet, it’s a habit you can learn.

4. Appreciate the Moon

Now, let me explain!

In regard to our last point it’s great to appreciate nature and whatever else happens around us, but the moon is also a powerful representation of time. I’ve found that spending this entire year setting out time every full moon or new moon to take a break, do something I love, take care of myself and acknowledge that another cycle has past is extremely grounding.

We can very easily get caught up in the rush of things. We can forget that time is passing us by. It’s important to take time out to pay attention to ourselves and refocus our thoughts on our own growth.

It’s times when we look up from our job, our studies, our daily life and wonder where the months have gone, that negativity really strikes.

5. Practice empathy

This isn’t quite a ritual, but a good habit! What’s the point of making such an effort to defeat negativity in your life, if you’re still hanging around negative people. Negative people are the people that drain you, make you feel tired and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

But most of the time they don’t know they’re doing it, so try to be sympathetic. You might still want to minimise your time with these people, but when you do see them try to bring a little more positivity!

You might be surprised how much a little positivity and love can shock people and change their perspective.

Well, there are my five rituals to defeat negativity! Now it’s about time you told me yours: what do you do to defeat negativity?

Sarah Walrus

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Sarah Walrus

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Love the idea of a positive jar but for me i guess it is nature in general, the moon for sure but also my plants (aka children) taking care of them helps me to forget everything and to care less about those tiny bad moments in life 🙂


    That’s amazing Ramona. I’m a total black thumb, I’d kill anything. I just forget about plants especially when they’re out of my sight (i.e. outside my room hehe). But I managed to keep all my four cats alive, does this count? They’re a huge help for me, they definitely drive the negativity away when they’re around 🙂 I would add pet therapy to the list!

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