Deal with your Feelings and Vibrate High

Do you ever find yourself listening to “sad” music when you’re feeling meditative? Do you happen to watch movies about travels when your wanderlust reaches its peak? Do you wear black clothes when you’re feeling a bit depressed? Is that the way you deal with your feelings? Welcome to the human race.  Have a safe trip!

I think there’s nothing wrong with this behaviour: it is perfectly normal and innate. But why the world is telling you that it is wrong all the time? 


You can find tons of article and blog posts about what movie to watch if you’re feeling blue, and all those movies are comedies, stupid movies or happy ending movies (when you’re lucky). People are always suggesting you to listen to Abba if you’re feeling down. You should get out if you feel like staying home all the time. You should read instead of watching movies because it does you no good spending all those hours in front of a screen. You shouldshouldshould.

What if I want to do what I feel like doing?

I am looking at this issue from another perspective: what if I am feeling in that way and I need to do things that reflects my emotional state? What if I want to embrace my feelings, even when they are negative? I don’t think anyone would suggest me to listen to sad music when I’m feeling “too happy”. Right?

“We need to do the things that vibrate at the same frequency of our feelings.”

I am not saying that you should lock yourself up for the rest of your days if you have just gone through a hard break-up. But I think that all of us need our time to grieve. We need time to look at, understand and embrace our feelings. Even negative feelings are part of ourselves and I think that going through them, feeling them, looking them right in the face is a healthy way to deal with your feelings.

Sometimes we need to do the things that vibrate at the same frequency of our feelings. That’s the key to everything in life, and I’m just starting to get the grasp of it. I listen to happy music because I am feeling happy. I eat healthy food because I am respecting myself highly. I leave destructive relationships because I’m growing out of self-destructive behaviours. Not the other way. (Of course you are fully entitled to do things to help raising your vibrations, but it’s a very internal process and it’s not always one way or the other. It can be both ways, it is both ways. By all means meditate, relax, look yourself in the mirror and love yourself everyday more. You’ll find yourself eating healthy food sooner than you expect!) 

How do you deal with your feelings? Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear your opinions about this!

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You raise a good point, when we do all of the destructive, negative shit we do to ourselves, it’s usually because we don’t love ourselves enough, not because they’re fun. Most of the time I say I don’t care about what I eat or drink or if I take care of my body or not but is that really because I’m ‘free-spirited’ or is it because I don’t like myself? Huh…


Very good points – lord knows I like a good mope. I tend to find that if I listen to my darker, depressing music and wallow, I gradually shift through to lighter, less melancholic music, and by the end my mood is lifted.

Also to say that I featured this post and your other one on tattooed male models in my monthly blog round up today. 🙂


It’s so very true what you say. I find that what music I listen to does reflect what mood I’m in. I think everyone feels down once in a while.
I’ll add your banner asap! A bit of a rush at the moment (only just got back and off to the desert again – so no internet)
Take care

Charu Sharma

Wonderful blog!! <3

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Hugs and kisses

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