Dark Wedding Dresses: Are You Ready?

November 14, 2012

Black Bride: Do or Don’t?

Do I have to answer this silly question? Of course it’s a huge, enormous DO! Are we sick of saccharine traditions? Do we want more dark wedding dresses? Yes, we do.

Weddings don’t have to be cheesy. Tacky. Expensive. Or even worst; they’re supposed to me a magic moment where true love achieves its glory and ties two lovers together. So if the bride is a Siouxsie and the Banshees fan why on Earth should she dress like Barbie Bride?

Why don’t go for a dark wedding dress so to shock your poor granny and give your relatives something to talk about for months? You can be a gorgeous Morticia, a wonderful Elvira, floating in your black chiffon layers.

Unfortunately black is not trending very much in the 2013 bridal collections, but chances are that if you would go for black than you would also go for a magnificent deep red like Vera Wang and Oscar de  la Renta are feeling this year! I am so loving  De La Renta pre-raphaelite bride.

 119626933822237815_ZJ77xXjt_c  oscar-de-la-renta-2013-bridal-collection-deep-red-velvet

 The real trend is white with black details, like black lace, black ribbons or black embroidery. I think it is very classy and amazing, and it could suit the dark lady as well!

Atelier Aimée is one of my favourite bridal brands. The designs are absolutely princess-like, but always elegant and never tacky:

 171  16


And now the really dark wedding dresses:

Atelier Aimée again, Francesca Miranda.

 18  francesca-miranda-spring-2013-vera-black-wedding-dress-ball-gown-overskirt1

Now you feel like marrying, am I right? So there you are a couple of tips if yo don’t have a good 30.000$ to spend on a wedding dress. Who said evening gowns cannot be used as a wedding dress? It’s 2013 for goodness sake! At the end of the day, now many brides started wearing simple dresses, and since weddings are often more frugal, and they’re often not the first ones (second, third…) and also not between 25 years old… a simple cut dress is the way to go in most cases. Have a look at the following styles and see if you can find one that you love!

Marchesa Tulle and Embroidery Lace dress for the romantic ladies – Emilio Pucci for the fashion forward vixens – Roberto Cavalli to help you channel your inner dominatrix!


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Vogue & Vintage

Interesting! I like this idea; I’ve never followed the “traditional” path.


Alexandria Web

I plan to get married in black, should I get married.
I do like those red dresses you posted though 🙂


Another interesting post 🙂 I love your writing style, it’s always fun to read 🙂


I would get married only to wear one of these awesome dressed, really! Haha! But I’d never go for plain white, it is so boring! I kinda like the nude trend though, both in clothes and in bridal, but I didn’t include it cause I felt it was a bit not incident to this post’s topic!

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