Christmas, really?

November 15, 2011

I know it’s only November 15, but the feeling in the air is definitely telling me the opposite! At least here in London, they already put all of the lighting decorations on the streets: not only the weather looks like it’s December to me, but the environment is confusing me, too!

I walk on the streets and I spot flashing Christmas trees in the houses. I come across pubs and restaurants, and signs are asking me if I’d like to book a Christmas dinner in advance. Ok, in advance, but isn’t this a bit too much in advance?

Every year the Christmas madness is coming a bit earlier, and people still has Halloween stickers on their windows and signs on their doors. Trick or treat? Or should I say, gift or treat?

I hate all the Christmas merry-go-round of giving and receiving presents: you never know what to give and you never hit the right value of an exchange of gifts. You give too much, or too cheap.

So, please, ask for gifts! Ok, that’s the way I deal with it: I never want to get embarrassed in front of a gift I don’t like again. And I also ask people what do they want, to avoid giving them useless stuff.

If you don’t want to ask people, I’ll hand you a few suggestions!

  • Technology – You never go wrong with this! Whether it is a new phone, or simply some cheaper accessories, a technologic item will never be useless and unwanted! If you don’t the money to buy your boyfriend an iPad, try an iPhone cover, a Blackberry famous application, an Ikea pillow to work on your laptop when you’re in bed! If we’re talking about a girl, you should try some pricy  beauty accessories like a super fancy curling iron (if the girl likes curly hair!), or some luxury stylish flat irons.
  • Books – If you give a book to somebody keen on reading, your gift will make that person happy! If you are not sure about which book to buy, take some funny and ironic little books, buy nice bookmarks, do some yourself.
  • Make-up gifts: no matter what kind of person is your girlfriend, giving her some makeup for present will definitely make her happy! Do not go and give her a foundation or a concealer, because that would sound a bit offensive! Go for a nice palette instead, or a new shiny new set of makeup tools, and you’ll really see her smiling!

Of course this all goes for friends, too. What about guys instead? Instead of giving them the usual male scent, try something that he really likes!

  • That new Playstation game he’s after and that he can’t find: go to every GameStop in your town, look for it on eBay and Amazon, and if you find it, you’ll really make him happy!
  • Something to wear will go, too, but you have to know exactly his tastes and sizes, otherwise it’s going to be a waterhole!
  • Ask his friends! Really, this is the best way to go. They sure know him better than you (yes I know, truth hurts!)

In the end, please give your friends or mate something USEFUL! Christmas gift are the first thing to be thrown away, or given to someone else.

What are your ideas for Christmas? I think I will ignore it exists, like I’ve been doing in the last 10 years. More or less when I stopped believing that Santa exists.


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Alexandria Web

Or you know you could ask people what they want as there is bound to be someone who doesn’t fit into one of those gendered stereotypes 🙂


Yes I’ve suggested it, too!

“So, please, ask for gifts! Ok, that’s the way I deal with it: I never want to get embarrassed in front of a gift I don’t like again. And I also ask people what do they want, to avoid giving them useless stuff.
If you don’t want to ask people, I’ll hand you a few suggestions!”

I always ask for gifts and ask people what do they crave haha! It’s the easiest way to go! If you really know a person, then you don’t need to ask!

For Those About To Shop

Used to be Christmas cheer began Dec 1, now it is right after Halloween. I refuse to think about Christmas until Dec. 1!


I agree with you Elisa, and Laura. With all of the TV commercials and store decorations for Christmas, I occasionally wonder if I’ve slept for a month and it’s actually Dec. instead of Nov. I prefer the old days when decorating didn’t get done until early to mid December.
I doubt I’ll be doing anything this year since I have no money & my family doesn’t seem to be planning any get-togethers. Hopefully there will be something good on TV!


Hahah! I actually have been avoiding any kind of Christmas presents for 6-7 years now, I think! This year I’m probably gonna be away from my family and friends since I’ve moved in another country but who knows, maybe the spirit of Christmas will bring be back a couple of days! But I§ still think that if someone doesn’t need something useful, then gifts at holydays are useless. A present should be made when something genuinely reminds us of someone, not when religion or society tell us!


Christmas time is amazing in London!! enjoy!!!

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