Can Sexuality and Spirituality go hand in hand?

I first ventured into the ‘spiritual’ world about 6 years ago.

Crystals, meditation, yoga classes, tibetan bowls, angel cards and dowsing pendulums: You name it, I have tried it and still practise today in my work as a clairvoyant and energy healer.
I am not knocking it, but often I feel it is, how do I put it? Rather sterile. There is little room for anger, sadness, desire or sexuality. In fact anything that makes us human beings.

Sexuality is usually completely left out.

At best it is something giggled about, and at worst it is completely shunned as having no place in spirituality and stopping us becoming pure beings of white light. On the flip side, people can be very highly sexual but want it nothing to do with their spiritual lives. Sex is sex. It is fun, pleasurable and for procreation. There is something missing.

Sexuality is a key part of being human.

Psychology recognises that the sex drive is the strongest force in humans. It is an essential part of our emotional, mental, physical and yes, spiritual make up. We literally would not exist without sexuality, so maybe we need to embrace it in our spiritual lives too?
This isn’t always easy because our sexuality is often where we hide out biggest darkness, fears and traumas. It will often be where you are triggered the most, especially if you have had a history of sexual abuse.

Can Sex be Spiritual? Sex and spirituality as sacred.

In fact, you may be reading this and thinking I am either mad or trying to be sensationalist.

Please forgive me.

The ancient Tantrics, Taoists and Pagans knew that desire and the orgasm can be a direct path to higher consciousness. If we look close enough, sexuality as a spiritual practise exists in every culture and religion. It has just been long banished from our knowledge, because the potential of sexual desire to expand consciousness is immense.

A few months ago I went on a Tantra and conscious sexuality retreat, and the leader told us that sexual energy is like the sun. The sun is neither good or bad, it just burns. This is the nature of sexual energy. It all depends on how you channel it and what you do with it. This is one reason why many mystics, and Catholicism preach abstinence because you are channelling the sexual energy into your spirit.
Let me say now that I really don’t agree with that because sexuality is what makes us human beings.

We must remember that while we are souls and spirits, we are here in a human body, having a completely human experience.

In our long history people have strived to reach enlightenment and oneness with divinity. Be it Monks, Nuns, Yogis, Gurus and Saints in every temple, ashram, monastery or yoga class.

Can Sex be Spiritual?
But no matter how high we ascend into the heavens, we are still humans on earth.  Spiritual development is a wonderful practise, but I believe that in order to be whole and balanced, we need to embrace our human-ness too.
I was led to Tantra, to work around the goddess and Taoism precisely because they bridged this gap that I felt between my humanness, my body and my sexuality and my spiritual experiences.

In Tantra, lovemaking is seen as the purest act of worship. It is a form of prayer where the physical and spiritual, man and woman (or man and man/woman and woman) join together to reach the heavens.

Desire, the body and everything that makes us human, is sacred.

It is not perfect, and the people who practise it along with anything else, are certainly not perfect. We are all humans muddling along, trying to do our best working with our own filters. But here, everything is embraced. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is taboo.

I think it’s about time we let sexuality back into the temple.

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Can Sex be Spiritual? Sex and spirituality as sacred.

Lucy Rowett

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Lucy Rowett

Lucy is a woman of many layers: Clairvoyant and energy worker, blogger, university student, linguist and budding Tantrika. Her passion is to live a life on her own terms, that makes her feel juicy, and to empower other women to do the same. She blogs about sexuality, spirituality and transformation and how they all link together at Juice and Jasmine

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Sonja Shradha Devi

Beautifully , simply stated Lucy! Thank you for bringing humanness and the deep dark depths into the conversation xx

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