Bodycon Dresses are For Everyone

March 21, 2013

We must say that fashion knows a thing or two when it comes to re-branding things to start selling them again. After a long dark era of over sized sweaters, t-shirts, jumpers, coats and vests to hide our curves, here come the bodycon dresses.

Yeah, I know, I might be a bit late on the trend, but if you follow this blog you may already know I’m not always in step with the times. Sometimes I go slower, sometimes I run too fast. But anyway, I kind of love this new democratic take on women’s body. Yeah, yeah I know that we only see super-models size 6 rocking those super tight dresses (oh, didn’t I explained it yet? Bodycon dresses = super tight dresses. That’s it. Yes, that’s really it.) but I’m feeling positive about the trend. Especially because I noticed that wearing that kind of dress made me discover my body all over again.

I was badly hit by the oversize trend and took comfort in it… maybe a bit too much. The result was that I lost some vital connection with my body shape, and lost track of any weight gain or loss, or any other change. So, I think that Her Majesty The Fashion got it right this time, and this trend will help people reconnecting with their own bodies.

Get the Look

Long Maxi Tight Jersey Grey Dress $ 46 – Black Fleece Fake-Fur-Like Coat/Hoodie £ 18 – Oversized Black Cardigan $ 86 – Ankle Black Booties $ 78 – Make-Up Illamasqua Neutral Palette, Rich Liquid Foundation, Compact Powder – Jersey + Chains Necklace Handmade by Burcinislate

All photos by Burcinislate, Adobe Ps by me

Bonus Picture: London from Above


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I like what you did with the photos here! It’s like an awesome apparition. If I ever do this, I will definitely give you props. Very creative!

I honestly love bodycon stuff. I really like your maxi too. I was looking for the exact look you have on here, but preferably not a racer back. I was going through eBay for it, and I am seriously on there, window shopping, all day. 🙂

Ah, no matter how beautiful, almost all women feel insecure about themselves. Both men and women and of course, ourselves add to our insecurities. We can be our worst enemies, by not recognizing our own beauty. I get into the habit of comparing myself a lot, and I really should stop. Rather, I see beauty as an inspiration and not something to covet. I still struggle with this ideal, to be honest! It’s something you have to work hard to keep in mind!


Oh do not darling, I saw it myself somewhere else, I believe it was on ! She’s a photography student and she does lots of wonderful things with her pictures! But I don’t think she’s the only one doing this, it’s quite “trendy” even if I feel sick saying it haha!
Anyway, thank you!
Comparing ourselves to others has no point at all! We will never be like them, and no one will ever be like us! That is the amazing thing on Earth! XD


I like this dress, and I like how you wear it – with style, boots and confidence 🙂 AAAnd: your new header rocks! I also was and still am in love with the whole oversized thing – it’s just too comfortable 😉 But I have to say your bodycon maxi dress looks very comfortable too 😉


Thank youuuu! 😀 Maxi but tight dress, that’s the why I’ll go this summer! Haha!


Love that dress on you! Beautiful photos as well!

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