Black Friday & Cyber Monday With a Conscience

November 28, 2013

The interwebz is full of Black Friday posts, so I’m putting my two cents in with my list that only includes vegan, upcycled, recycled, vintage and generally sustainable and conscious fashion! I kind of feel guilty in participating in shopping days, it’s like celebrating alcoholism, if you know what I mean.

All I can do is suggesting you some online shopping cause I’m a blog and Black Friday on blogs are Cyber Mondays in disguise, afterall! 😉

Let the dance begin! And if you get here on Cyber Monday, you’ll find that most of these items are on sale! So don’t wait, click on and shop with no guilt!

Conscious Black Friday


Burning Torch Upcycled Army JacketRecycled Karma “D.A.R.E.” TopRecycled Japanese Naoron Paper ToteKat von D Lipstick

black-friday-with-a-conscience-2 copy

Burning Torch Upcycled Cachemere JacketFree People Tank Recycled JerseyCotton and Recycled Tire BackpackMel by Melissa Mary Jane Grey WedgesNail Polish Gradient Blacks


100% Natural Linen PonchoRecycled Polyester and Sustainable Bamboo Cropped KimonoStella McCartney Waist BeltRecycled Leather and Recycled Fabric Backpack

black-friday-with-a-conscience-4Organic Cotton White Sweater Clare Bare Recycled LingerieJeffrey Campbell Vegan Leather FlatformsRecycled Leather Grey Clutch

What do you think about buying upcycled and sustainable fashion?


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I would add locally-made fashion to the list. I loathe malls and chain stores with a passion and would rather dig my eyeballs out with a plastic teaspoon than give them my money. Love! xoxo


    Yes you’re right, the reason why I can’t give suggestions about local shops, markets and thriftstore is that i live in Italy and most of my readers are from the US or the UK so there would be no point in doing it! I am writing this blog in my language as well, so I could do this, but not in English cause unless you’re coming to Rome anytime soon it would be pointless! I’d love it tho. Travelling the world and finding cool places and tell the world about them. XD

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