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June 29, 2015

LS-Grouped-300x300For all you beautiful women out there who can’t go a day without applying your favourite lipstick, this post is definitely for you! The saying usually goes ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’, but personally, I believe lipstick is. I don’t feel ready without it!

I’m really into my makeup and I love experimenting with different products and brands to create new looks. Recently, I came across Barefaced Beauty Cosmetics, who provide a variety of natural mineral cosmetics and are approved by Leaping Bunny, PETA, the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society, which makes them even better!


After hours of reading about their products and eagerly looking through their website, I decided that if I were to purchase any product, it was definitely going to be a lipstick. Barefaced Beauty gives you the choice of a Natural Mineral Lipstick, or a Natural Lip Gloss, although I’m a fan of lip gloss as well, I just had to check out their lipstick range… and I was very impressed.

First of all, the lipstick contains Vitamin E and Plant Extracts, unlike many popular cosmetic brands. The company claims that due to the vitamin and plant extracts, your lips will stay ‘moisturised, soft and utterly kissable’, I guess that’s something we can’t complain about! The lipsticks are also free from chemicals, alcohol and synthetic dyes, which is a huge benefit, as many allergic reactions to cosmetics are caused by the synthetic dyes included within the product.

I’m sure that many of you will agree that choosing a lipstick is definitely not an easy task. There’s so much more to just deciding on which shade you purchase! It’s currently Summer in England, and I’m the type of person who matches their lipstick to the season, I wear darker shades during the winter, and of course, lighter shades during the spring and summer, I mean, they say it’s all about dressing for the weather right?

Barefaced Beauty lipstick provide six different shades which you can choose from:

  • Chocamocha, which is obviously a darker nude shade, more of a brown
  • Copper Rose, which I would describe as a shimmery medium nude
  • Nude Peach, which basically says it all in the name
  • Nude Rose, again, describes itself
  • Sweet Pea, which I would describe as a toned-down purple
  • Very Berry, which is a dark red.

Although I love the idea of wearing red lipstick, it just doesn’t suit my complexion that well, so Very Berry was ruled out. Keeping summer in mind, I eventually decided that Nude Rose would be the shade which would be the best for both the season and my complexion (however, I still haven’t got round to purchasing it due to my busy schedule!).


Everyone has a price range which they like to stay in, and for me, I personally believe that the lipsticks are priced reasonably at £12.95, although a little more expensive than everyday high street brands, they’re much cheaper than the popular well-known brands.

I’m so glad that I came across this brand and will definitely be purchasing the lipstick very soon, so if you are looking for a new lipstick this season, I would recommend that you check Barefaced Beauty out.

Stay tuned for a product review and let us know what is your favourite lipstick brand for summer in a comment below!

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This is interesting. I’m not sure if this brand available in my country though. Maybe the popular one is The Bodyshop brand.


    Is your country Korea? It’s weird that the only natural brand is The Bodyshop; I’m not a beauty expert (in fact I didn’t write any of the beauty posts on this blog haha lol, thank God for contributors!) but I think some of our beauty experts would know some! I’ll call them in and ask them 😀

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