Because There’s Always a Black Alternative to that Dress

January 13, 2014

I’m always pretending like we are also talking about floral, cream, teal and so on here but the truth is it’s all a disguise to manipulate your tastes in fashion and make them all about black.  I’ll just stop pretending.

4 signs you already gave in to Our Lord Black

– When you are in a shop, everything is shit until you see a black dress. “Omg this is awesome!” and your friends kindly point out that you just said the same dress in orange was awful.


– You don’t even walk in a shop if there’s nothing black in the window display. If they don’t bother displaying black dresses why should they have something you like inside?

– You don’t even try to organize your clothes by color. What’s the point? You organize them by style: that way, you will maybe find that specific pair of black leggings among the other 15 pairs of black leggings. Maybe.

– You spent the last years of your life trying to make your boyfriend wear more black. You won. And maybe this has something to do with the fact you gave him black clothes, shoes and accessories at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

You still haven’t gave in to the dark forces? Don’t worry, you are about to. Our philosophy is that every dress is more beautiful in its black version. Black is elegant. Black is mysterious. Black is the finishing touch. Black is the new black.

Alternative Black Dresses

All of the above are Fame And Partners Prom Dresses

Jewel Neck Long Sleeves Lace Little Black Dress – Crochet Floral Black DressBlack Wave Maxi Dress – Vegan Leather Bustier Maxi Dress in Black – Little White Lies Cage Babydoll Dress

If you can’t get enough black have a look at this post and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your alternative black dresses quest! Do you know any designer that produces a lot of black dresses? Let us know in the comment! We want to see more awesome alternative black dresses!

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“Black is elegant. Black is mysterious. Black is the finishing touch.” Truly ♥


I know exactly what you mean, I would buy everything in black if I could, and I usually do. Most shopping trips are just me buying more and more black dresses!


I know the feeling! Black is the 80% of my wardrobe. Sometimes I get into some other colors but it usually lasts a couple of months and then I’m back to black again ;D So it’s always black with a splash of one other color. Usually teal, magenta, yellow or grey. And that’s it. Oh, I should really get more diverse about clothing XD

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