How to step up your all black outfit

Want to take your all black outfit to a whole new level? While an all black outfit is versatile and you don’t have to worry about colour blocking, mixing prints or coordinating hints of hue, you can still make your plain black outfit stand out from the crowd and create some real interest.

How? Well, consider adding eye-popping accessories and bold statement pieces. Take your outfit from day-to-night or night-to-day by mixing textures and layers. Or turn your classic black attire into something edgy and classic with minimalistic styling.  Try some of these tips and tricks to take your all black outfit from boring and basic to bold and beautiful.

Step Up Your All Black Outfit

Arm Candy: Raid your jewellery box for bracelets and start stacking them up.  Go for mixed metals, woven fabrics, beads and various widths and thicknesses in order to create the dramatic layer effect. The mixed metals will add a touch of class while the fabrics and beads will give dimension and colour (if you want it).  The perfect all black Boho addition.

Get Cuffed: Are your arms your best asset?  Feature your toned, tanned arms with a beautiful cuff. They are truly a statement piece and come in the form of fine chains to ornate wide bands. Find one that expresses your personality and rock it.

Ears a thing or two: An ear cuff is proving to be the bling to have after featuring on runways throughout the world over the past few years. While an earring is a traditional ear piece, the ear cuff will show your passion to step outside the square and take a stand on style. You will certainly want to try this if you want to add edge to your all black outfit.

ASOS Arm Cuff Arm Cuff All Black Outfit Arm Cuff All Black Outfit

Watch Out: What do you get when you combine time and eco-friendly materials? A Sprout Watch. Now you can have a stylish watch made of earth friendly materials such as corn resin, organic cotton, bamboo and cork while featuring beautiful Swarovski crystals, conflict free diamonds and lens made of glass made from sand. One of these watches deserves an all black outfit so it can stand out from the crowd.

Give me a ring: Like your bracelets the thing to do is stack’em up. If this isn’t your thing then get a manicure and go for a single and huge statement ring. Pair up stylish, bold and beautiful or heavy, unique and Boho. Let your fingers do the talking with contrasting metals, pops of colour and interesting cuts and stones.

Magnificent Manicures: If you find accessorising way too hard then go for a manicure instead.  Have fun with your nails and add geometric patterns, seasonal colours, feature nails or go for a matte finish.  A manicure can definitely add some personality and punch to your all black outfit.

Try Rimmel London Velvet Matte in Matte-itude.

Sprout Watches - Eco friendly time117241-Boho-And-Hipster-Rings All Black Outfit

Chain reaction: Are you after a modest touch but something a little different?  Why not consider a traditional piece of jewellery in which Middle Eastern Dancers have been wearing for centuries – jewelled belts. Choose from a range of delicate links, bold silver chains or assorted vintage rhinestones. Maybe it is time to make your hips wear the jewels?

Hang in there: Ok, so layering used to be a trend for clothes but now it is the craze for our jewels. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are all getting the stack’em up treatment. The trick here is to go for several fine chains at different lengths to create plenty of interest or go for something bolder with a simple chain to compliment. Again if layering just seems like a lot of work, change-up your all black outfit with one eye-catching piece.

Shoe shine: One word – personality.  Shoes can tell you a lot about a person and they can add some real identity to an outfit.  If you want to stay all black top to toe, go for texture on your shoe and keep the rest of the outfit simple. Try a spike or stud, lace overlay, faux suede or buckles and zips.

Forever New - Emma Jewelled Belt112256-Grey-Fashion-Tee All Black Outfit

Next time you wear all black, try one of these trends to take your all black outfit to a new dimension. Do you have other tips? How do you step up your own all black outfits? Let us know in a comment below, and if you loved this post please share it with your friends! 

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Awesome tips! Making an all black outfit stand out is all about nailing the accessories.


I love the effect of black and gold metallics, so I’m all about going for your tips of highlighting black ensembles with metallic cuffs, statement jewellery et al!

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