5 Vegan Fashion Items You Need to Own

February 24, 2016

It has been called the “fashion of the future” and rightfully so. More and more international designers are including vegan materials in their collections. At first, it didn’t really seem possible, because fashion has quite a few fabrics it traditionally depends upon, such as fur, leather, wool, angora and exotic animal skins.

However, the “ethical wear” trend has boomed. This was proof that we can wear cotton canvas, faux-leather, fur and cashmere and still look insanely good. Therefore, if you want to turn your closet vegan, here are 5 vegan fashion pieces you need to own.

1.    Boots

Boots are traditionally made of leather and fur. It has been a necessity as far as cladding goes since the dawn of humanity. When man first invented some type of gear to protect his feet from the cold and harsh terrains, the first thing he thought of was animal materials. However, luckily for us and for the animals, technology has advanced very much. We now have plenty of materials that replicate the leather and fur efficiency. There are quite a few brands out there that offer vegan boots, so you can definitely take your pick and not feel like you’re missing out on anything – Vegan Chic, MooShoes, Vegetarian Shoes, or Beyond Skin.

Picture_1_Vegan Chic Picture_2_Moo Shoes
Picture_3_Vegetarian ShoesPicture_4_Beyond Skin

2.    Bag

Going leather-free means you have to change your bag as well. This is yet another fashion item in our closets that is most likely made of leather. Be it cow or the exotic crocodile or snake, leather bags can be replaced with simple, yet beautiful and fashionable canvas ones. Tote bags, for example, have been all the rage the past years. All the big brands and their famous and talented designers have embraced the tote bag. It goes hand in hand with the revival of the hippie and bohemian chic style we’ve seen happening lately. Just think about the “Coachella style” and you will see how wearing a stylish tote bag is actually a lot more in trend right now than the classic leather one. Here is an amazing example from Serbags.

Picture_8_Serbags canvas

3.    Coat

I believe we’re all familiar with the protests against wearing fur coats. At some point, they had gotten so extreme that animal rights defenders threw cans of red paint at people wearing fur coats. But the animal rights movement doesn’t stop at fur. It also encompasses the leather jackets we love so much, woolen coats and cashmere ones. In order to go completely vegan as far as overcoats go, you need to give those up as well. It’s not just exotic animals that get treated cruelly for their skins and furs, it’s also domestic ones. So, in order to support the movement, you can replace your coat with something from Vaute Couture for example.

Picture_7_LuLu's Picture_6_Polyvore Picture_5_VauteCouture

4.    T-Shirt

Buying a bunch of vegan t-shirts and wearing them wherever you go is yet another great way to support the movement. They don’t comply to the same vegan rules as the other items. This means T-shirts are usually made of cotton, which is a plant-derived material and therefore vegan; although going for organic cotton would be a much more ethical and sustainable choice both for cotton field workers and the environment. You can also make a difference by sporting shirts that have meaningful slogans on them. People get to read them all over the town, as you move from place to place. Subconsciously, you’re sending your message without having to go to extreme lengths. Some amazing examples come from brands such as Rapanui Clothing, Herbivore Clothing and Roots of Compassion.

Picture_9_Cafe Press

5.    Accessories

Another item you can go vegan on is your accessories. Again, just like with the T-shirts, accessories are vegan per se. If you steer clear of leather bracelets, for example, most of them are made of metal and precious stones. However, you can sport some accessories that let the world know you support vegan apparel and that they should to. Here is a great example of a necklace underlying this very idea. You can get the pendant in the picture and more vegan themed pendants on Vegan Cuts.

5 Vegan Fashion Items You Need to Own

Animal cruelty and exploitation is not something to be toyed with. One of the main products of the consumerist society we now live in is animal sacrifice. Because of our insatiable need for meat, fur and leather, animal sacrifice has gone through the roof. But change can start in every individual closet. Change some of your clothes, bags and accessories. If we all do that, we’ll soon lower demands in the market. And that means more animals living happily and freely. 

What about you? Are you making a change starting from your wardrobe?

Dana Katherine Hughes

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This was an interesting post. This was the first time I read properly about vegan fashion and you really did a nice job in explaining it. I will definitely look for something from Vaute Couture that you mentioned. And I love wearing T-shirts so I guess I am into vegan fashion already. As far as accessories are concerned, I love wearing cartilage studs and necklace which are usually made of stones and metals.
Thanks for sharing.

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